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Beyond having insurance, few of us have ever given much thought to what we would need to do to get our lives back on track after an accident left us seriously injured. It can be an incredibly hard road to get back to the life you had before an accident. Dealing with lost wages and medical bills, working through your recovery and managing your life all while you are hurt can be almost impossible without skilled help.

We can help you pursue the full compensation you deserve so you can face the challenges your injuries are creating for you.

We are able to help people who have been injured in a wide variety of circumstances, including:

We are also able to pursue compensation from various sources beyond suing the person who caused your injury. Alternate sources of compensation and benefits we may pursue can include:

  • No-fault insurance — Your own insurance policy can be a source of compensation depending on your situation.
  • Workers' compensation — If you were injured on the job, there may be medical and financial benefits available through the workers' compensation system.
  • Social Security Disability — If you have been permanently disabled, we may be able to secure disability benefits for you through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs.

Your Future Matters To Us

When people come to us for help, we use all of our experience and skill to help them. At Kalka Law Firm, PC, we are dedicated to helping people by fighting for the full compensation they need to help make them whole again. We have more than 15 years of experience that includes extensive trial work and previous insurance defense work. We know how the insurance companies approach claims, and we can use that knowledge to help you.

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We only collect attorney fees after we secure compensation for you.